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Above .500  is a charity dedicated to delivering their positive message at schools (through Dream Rallies) while providing mentorship to professionals.  There will be bumps on the journey to success, so it's imperative we all use our God-given mind powers to ensure we stay in tune with our positive side. Through motivational speaking and transfer of positive energy we can ensure you keep your motivational drive to succeed and your third-eye open. Being influential is powerful, and with great power comes great responsibilityAbove .500 is passionately dedicated to representing athletes in the most effective and positive way, by organizing highly publicized events for the community. The good publicity easily increases popularity, enhances their image and marketability, which will eventually give them extra confidence on game day.





Inspiration. Guidance. Direction.​​

Success is possible for everyone!  But how do you get there & what will it take?  We work together with iconic athletes, educational school systems, & many other positive influential leaders across the nation to motivate the youth in believing that anything is possible when you put your mind to it & take ACTION.  Our formula is simple yet logical.

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