Above .500 Inc. is a non-profit organization designed to motivate entrepreneurs, students, and athletes. We host Dream Rallies at middle schools and high schools to reveal to everyone the power of their mind. Through motivational speaking, we encourage the youth to live positive lives, never give up and follow their dreams. Our Dream Rallies are free events at public schools that consist of role models (such as celebrity athletes), positive speaking, music performances, giveaways and learning. We also spread our message by providing after school sports related activities. Our "Character Over Talent" mentality will help you overcome any obstacles to ensure you stay Above .500 and become a champion by reaching your goals.


We provide character maturation through the service of certified: 

"Vitality Confidants”​

Our Vitality Confidants are trained volunteers that are expert in their field of entertainment, athletics, art, writing, business and other professionals. These confidants make sure their student follows the right path that leads to reaching their goals and dreams. They guide them mentally, spiritually, and financially, proving that even though one may not believe they are smart, strong or talented, with the right character they can achieve their level of greatness.

Everyone has personally known someone that was extremely talented or just had that “glow” about them and didn’t excel in life how they should have. Whether it is a family member, a close friend, a classmate, or a well-known athlete, we guarantee you have encountered this situation. This world is filled with “has-beens” and “could’ve should’ve people”. The fact is you need a mixture of attributes to acquire genuine success because having solely talent is just not good enough. Diligence and dedication always trump talent.

We believe any guided individual with the proper tools can be limitless. If the mind is positively inclined to accept difficult situations (we call losses), we can shift our focus on the next measure. Failure is vital in order to obtain and embrace prestige and glory. The key is ensuring your triumphs outweigh your failures.

If all talented students where guided properly, we would hear more success stories. Everyone reaches a point in their life where they have doubt about themselves or feel like things aren’t going their way. Above 500 understands that it’s always “Character Over Talent” and we want to instill that ‘not giving up attitude” in their mind. With the right character, no matter what your upbringing was like, or what obstacles stand in your way; you can expect a few losses, you can even be on a current losing streak, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get Above .500 and become a champion!



​“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” ​​   

                                                                                                                                                   ~  ​Robert F. Kennedy​