Keith Wallace formally known as, FK (Full Klip)  was born and raised in the heart of Miami, FL.  Keith credits his unique personal experience and  upbringing as one of the main reasons he raps  with purpose. Keith doesn’t swear in his music  and chooses not to promote killing, drinking, nor  smoking, and instead rap about the gritty  realities and everyday struggles in the hood. At  the age of fourteen, Keith was tried and sentenced  as an adult for a crime he did not commit. After 6  years in prison, Keith was released only to get  caught up in the streets. After surviving multiple  shootouts, being acquitted of murder and even  surviving a gunshot would to the neck, it was time  to change his life around. Committing to a positive  life and promising to only do positive music,  Keith has racked up tens of millions of views on  YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. The impact in his  music did not go unnoticed as Keith won Osky’s  Artist of the Year in Miami in 2017. Since, Keith  has received mainstream notoriety from various  celebrities and has collaborated and even opened  up shows for artists such as Boosie, Fabulous,  Fat Joe, Scarface, Lil Durk, Rick Ross, Trick  Daddy and more.