Advertise your banner on the field, where HUNDREDS can see. If the ball hits your banner, make a donation of ANY amount towards our charitable cause!


Have your business proudly displayed on a banner at the ABOVE .500 CELEBRITY SOFTBALL GAME where thousands of Central Florida fans, students and celebrities will be! Your banner will be hung on the field and during the batting practice and actual game, every time the ball hits your banner you will then make a donation, of any amount, towards the Above .500 organization! Call 305-409-0327 for more information!



ALREADY HAVE ONE: If you have your own banner then it is FREE to have your banner hanging during the game.

DO NOT HAVE ONE:If you do not have a banner then we can have one printed for $100 but must be notified before January 20th. You can have that purchased here .--->



In order to officially become a HIT IT HERE Sponsor for the Above .500 Celebrity Softball Game you must first complete our registration form. A $1 fee will be charged so that we can have a credit card on file. Every time your banner is hit during the batting practice or game, you will make a donation of the agreed amount of your choice.